• UI_wp

    Reality Editor

    A new kind of tool for connecting and manipulating the functionality of physical objects.

  • logoweb


    HRQR is a visual Human and Machine Readable Quick Response Code.

  • webpagefront

    Open Hybrid

    Open Source Augmented Reality Platform for Physical Computing and Internet of Things

  • 483377888_590x332

    Arduino Plays Timberman

    Arduino plays computer games for you.

  • image2

    Smarter Objects

    Using AR Technology to Program physical Objects and their interactions.

  • exTouch


    Interface system to manipulate actuated objects mediated by augmented reality.

  • 04

    Second Surface

    Collaborative Virtual Overlay on to the Real World.

  • perifoveal2_1024

    Perifoveal Display

    Extending the GUI to support the full field of view.

  • temp

    6D (axsotic)

    3D-Mouse interface for CAD, Gaming and Industry Control

  • P1030281-1

    Dada Technology

    Physical Interaction with data using gestures deployed through objects.

  • M_IMG_7742

    Party Office

    Ambient Ceiling Display

  • 123

    Earthquake Pen

    Combining traditional drawing with computation.

  • 1

    Office Door Hack

    A fast hack to open a door with a mifare compatible rfid card.

  • 1

    Press-Fit Chair

    Very easy to assemble, maximum of the given material and no need for glue.

  • 0

    Milk Alarm

    A device that reminds of old milk in the fridge.

  • isp_1

    USB Microchip Programmer

    A USB Microchip Programmer that needs to be programmed right before use.

  • 6


    I Am Display plays with the visual perceptions of its audience.

  • temp


    Opening trailer for the Visionale Filmfestival's 20th anniversary.

  • temp

    Kinosommer Hessen

    Opening trailer for a state wide open air film festival in Germany